Our History

Renegade Sandy Relief was started by New York Times photographer iO Tillet Wright, indie-musician Holly Miranda and lawyer/owner of ‘The Drink’ Lane Sanders out of an immediate need to reach trapped elderly tenants of high rises in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn.

In one day, the group collected thousands of dollars worth of supplies and grew to include an army of 50 making 2,000 sandwiches at local Williamsburg bar, The Drink.  10 car loads of civilian volunteers travelled out to the coastal neighborhood to climb the darkened stairs of the 24-floor high rises and bang on doors to see who needed assistance.

After this, they realized that other neighborhoods were in dire need of direct assistance. They established supply drop offs all over NYC and sent clean up crews out to The Rockaways to help with with hard physical labor. They are using donations to pay for gas (of which there is a shortage), cleaning supplies, clean drinking water and building materials.  

Most recently, funds are going to go directly to construction supplies for The Rockaways. Crest hardware (a local independant business) has offered provide materials directly at cost from major suppliers and help them find trucks to transport them.

The RSR is about 100% direct action, all the donations received go immediately to supplies and are shuttled out directly to the people. They are all volunteer, there is no overhead. While the donations are not-tax deductible donors can rest assured that their money won’t go to pay for office space or reams of paper, they will go directly to those who need it most right now.